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It’s because we care deeply

Kate Shirazi started Cakeadoodledo in 2006 as a cupcake company and has seen it grown and morph into the Cakeadoodledo of today. Still making cupcakes (lots of cupcakes) with customers from Aberdeen down to the Isle of Wight, and stopping off at all places in between; Cakeadoodledo now makes beautiful wedding and celebration cakes, loaf cakes, biscuits, meringues…

Cakeadoodledo’s prime objective is to provide you with cakes that leave you with a fuzzy glow of satisfaction. It’s because we care deeply about what goes into them and how we make them. They look good and they taste fantastic.

Since the success of Cupcake Magic, published in 2008, Kate has now written four other books, as well as regular articles for newspapers.

The Cakeadoodledo linen range was launched in 2011 and its flattering, glamorous and downright practical designs have caused all sorts of stirrings in the kitchen.