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Sadly you can’t eat a bouquet.

Flowers are great aren't they? We all love the knock on the door and someone standing there and handing over a massive bouquet. Sadly you can't eat a bouquet. When flowers won't do, send cupcakes! Your recipient will still get that knock on the door, but instead of being handed a bunch of flowers, will be given a beautiful gift box containing bespoke personalised cupcakes.

These gift boxes make a fabulous present to say congratulations for a new baby. New mothers are always hungry and dads generally never say no to a bit of cake. If you know the name of the baby, we can pop it on the cake. Once the cakes are scoffed the family is left with a perfect sized keepsake box! What luck!

Christmas, Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Sorry, Thank You, Get Well - you name it, we can do a special box of cakes to fit the occasion. Please call us for ideas, or to tell us yours.

For those that feel a bit overwhelmed by having to choose what they want on top of their cupcake, we have come up with a selection of boxes that really fit the bill for most occasions. Having said all that, please be aware that all our cakes are made to order - there are no stocks of cupcakes. If you want something different, just tell us what you'd like and we'll do it (if we can!).

Brand new for Cakeadoodledo – the very boozy Christmas fruit cake. This is a 5 inch square cake jam-packed with fruit and nuts and a more than liberal application of rum, sherry and port. It’s covered in marzipan and sugar paste and then decorated in either Bethlehem Bright or Glamorous Gold. It comes beautifully presented in its own bespoke spotty box. Delicious (though we say so ourselves). £25.00 including courier delivery.

Pastel coloured floral cupcakes. Pretty, pretty, pretty. Don't forget, you can add any wording at no extra cost. £20.00 (plus delivery)

Classic geometric patterns - these translate well into any colour scheme - bright, pastel, manly colours, girlie colours - oh yes, this really is the "you-can't-go-wrong" box. £20.00 (plus delivery)

Little roses: make you want to weep they are so pretty. Great in vanilla, lemon or chocolate. £24.00 (plus delivery)

The New Home box - well, they may have found the kettle, but they really won't have made any cakes... (£20.00 plus delivery)

We need you to be aware that we are a fickle lot here, so designs may vary slightly if we come up with something even more beautiful.

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