Cakeadoodledo has gone into hibernation for a little while.

Please bear with us while we gather our thoughts.

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Yes, we are obsessed.

We are quite proud of our obsession.

Eating cake should be a joyous experience. So at Cakeadoodledo our cakes are always made freshly to order with the finest ingredients. Vanilla cupcakes contain exquisite vanilla, especially imported from France (because we think it's the best); chocolate cupcakes are made with Callebault cocoa and the lemons used in icing and the lemon cupcakes are always unwaxed.

For those of you who take a bit of a turn at the thought of eating a cake packed with gluten, dairy or eggs, we take your cake needs seriously. We can offer a range of “free from” cakes: dairy free, gluten free and vegan. Everyone deserves cake. Fact.

Apart from our local eggs we are proud to be using the most delicious butter from Quickes (, just down the road from us. This is a dairy so jam packed with awards it is embarrassing. Good stuff indeed.

A note about NUTS...there are nuts in the Cakeadoodledo kitchen. Although we are as careful as possible, we can't guarantee that our cakes are 100% nut free. Sorry.

In the Cakeadoodledo garden are a number of hens. These are happy hens. These hens weren't always happy. When they arrived at the Cakeadoodledo homestead they were practically bald, anaemic and quite frankly pretty blooming ugly. Yes, the girls are rescue battery hens. However, within days they were racing around chasing insects, flapping wings and generally behaving like, well, hens.

Now, there is no way that our meagre flock can produce enough eggs for Cakeadoodledo. So where do we get the eggs for our cakes? Down the road, that's where. Black Dog Eggs are based in Black Dog (funnily enough) and twice a week they deliver the freshest, loveliest properly free range eggs to us. Have a look at their website its great.

Please be completely assured that we only ever buy free range eggs.
No free range eggs – no cakes.

If you'd like to know more about how to get yourself some girls or the wonderful
job that the Battery Hen Welfare Trust do please go to